Strategies and Tips to improve your Clash Royale gameplay

A few simple tips so you guys can get better win more and go a long way in this awesome game.


The victory is all that matters, or is it?

As you know for every victory in Clash Royale you are rewarded with trophies. But what most beginners don’t know is that no matter if you win one crown or all three crowns, you will get the same amount of trophies. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win all three crowns, as long as you are the winner of the battle. For every tower you bring down, you get an extra crown for the Crown Chest. If you cannot win the battle, at least try to destroy one tower to get one step closer to unlocking this chest.

Focus on the Arena Towers

Because the Arena Towers have much lower HP than the King’s Tower’s you should always attack them first, which will allow you to win with less effort. Plus, the later you awake the King from his "sleep mode" the better. I don’t know if you knew this, but the King is in sleeping mode at the beginning of the battle, so he will not participate in your defense until he is attacked or some of your Arena Towers is destroyed. But the same rule applies in the offence as well and it will be better to destroy at least one of your opponent’s Arena Towers before you attack his King.

If you decide to attack first

The major point when attacking first is to use a card that is low cost on Elixir such as Spear Goblin which cost 2 Elixir. This way you will lure your opponent in psychological pressure and he will try to defend his towers with high cost Elixir card which is automatically an Elixir advantage for you. This leaves you extra time to plan your attack strategy more efficiently. Otherwise if you start the battle with high cost Elixir card like the Giant or Prince which cost 5 Elixir, if your opponent is smart enough he might just place a Tombstone – 3 Elixir cost, counter your Giant/Prince and easily gain 2 Elixir advantage.

Make smart combos

Try to combine the best cards for every possible situation your opponent might throw at you. For example, you should always use your Giant in combination with Musketeer or Archer, because as powerful as the Giant is, he is also quite slow so chances are that he will quickly be destroyed. But when you have a Musketeer behind him, he won’t be so easy for taking down.

Make smart combos

Learn when to use one of the two types of cards

As you already know the two types of cards in Clash Royale are point damage and splash area damage cards. The first ones are oriented towards doing damage to a single troop or tower and the second ones towards causing damage on multiple troops or buildings in other words they are trying to destroy e everything in their range. Thus it is only natural that you would think that splash area cards are the better choice, but that is wrong, actually they are one of the weakest cards and you should only use them when dealing with swarm of low HP troops.

Point damage cards on the other hand, have the highest “damage per second”, therefore you should use them for destroying troops with high HP. For instance, a Giant can be taken down much faster with the Prince or Mini Peka instead of area attack troops like Valkyrie or the Boomber.

More information can be found in our arenas and cards guide.

Find perfect balance between offence and defense

The biggest mistake that some players tend to do is they ignore the defense and are only concentrated on their offence and which combos to use in order to defeat the enemy. In some cases, this is totally fine, because the Arena Towers have Archers on top, defending them to some extent. However, you can’t count on them when the opponent attacks with a deadly combo because you will lose the battle no matter what. Therefore, don’t focus only on offence strategy because sometimes a good defense can have a significant role in your overall game play

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