Exclusive Preview of the New Clan Battle 2 vs 2 Mode

In today’s post we are giving you exclusive sneak peek in the upcoming Clan Battle that is going to blow your mind because it is so unexpected and exciting news that we are sure everyone is going to like it as much as we did. If you want to be among the first ones to know all about it, than keep on reading.

What are Clan Battles

This is a brand new and fresh concept or game mode that Supercell’s game developers have come-up with. It is just like regular battle but instead of fighting one-on-one, you can partner-up with a Clan mate of your choice and challenge players from another Clan, or you accept a request from other players who’ve teamed up and battle two-on-two and finally you can engage in random battles with whichever other team the game puts you up against. So, there will be two Kings Towers on each side of the lane instead of one. You and your partner can support each other offensively and defensively by dropping cards that you think might help in a given situation and your partner doesn’t have them in his deck. It is like you and your partner are sharing the decks that each one of you has. Isn’t that cool? – It is just like you have two decks to choose from simultaneously. However, be aware, twice as much cards will be coming at you as well, because your opponents will be joining and combining their decks to.

Slowed down Elixir bar

Some of you might think that this is too much to handle and the game would became too hectic or overwhelming with so many cards, but trust me, it is way more fun than you would have expected. Specifically for avoiding this “mess” in the arena (because 16 cards in total are coming at you and you don’t know what your opponents might play) the developers slowed down the Elixir bar to 85% and 70% in double Elixir time. This way the pace of the game is not so fast to the point that you can’t keep-up with it but it sure is fast enough to keep your Adrenalin going and it feels exciting and new.

So to sum-it all up, our initial thoughts on this new 2 vs 2 mode are positive and we can’t wait the final version to be released, because they announced that this mode is still under construction and there will be things added to it before the final version is released. But all in all we feel like this is just what the game needed and this update comes in the right time to spice things up, because quite frankly the game started to become a bit dull. It will take little bit of practice in order to learn how to respond and react in certain situations and it will require a bit more attention and concentration on your behalf, because, as we’ve mentioned above, there will be twice as much cards coming at you and also you will have a partner to support and watch his back at the same time. It might seem confusing at first but once you get used to it, this might become your favorite part of the game.

Clan Battles launch date

The first event is scheduled to start on March 24th, 2017. Once the update is live we will be releasing a full guide covering all the topics around Clan Battles, so stay tuned.


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March 24th, 2017

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