New Balance Update on August 11th!

There is a new balance update coming on August 11th, 2017 that will affect a couple of cards. Supercell say that this update is based on what they have gathered as feedback from us, the players, a lot of testing and inspecting the stats.So, lets dig into what this update will change.

Night Witch

The Night Witch damage will be reduced by 9% and the range by 11%. Bats will now spawn on 7 seconds while it was previously 6 and it will spawn only 2 Bats on death. This means one less Bat when the Night Witch dies.

Battle Ram

After the update the Battle Ram will take longer to charge and the Barbarians will spawn slower. I am currently playing this card in some of my decks and I already think that it is a bit slow, so after this update I might just forget about it.


To be honest I always thought that the Graveyard is too powerful and needed to be dialed down a bit, so I am happy to see its duration decreased by 1 second to 9 seconds and it now spawns 15 Skeletons instead of 17.

Electro Wizard

With this update the Electro Wizard’s HP will be decreased by 2%. Not a big deal.


Heal’s duration will be decreased by half a second to 2.5 seconds.

Mini P.E.K.K.A.

This little guy is getting a small 4.6% boost in damage. The Mini P.E.K.K.A. has quite the damage and adding the extra 4.6% will make this card even more popular.

X-Bow and Mortar

Both the X-Bow and the Mortar will deploy faster by 0.5 seconds. Their previous deployment times were 4 seconds and after the update they will be 3.5 seconds.

Dark Prince

The Dark Prince is is seeing some positive changes. The damage is increased by 6% and the hit speed it lowered to 1.4 seconds which is less by 0.1 second from its previous HS.

Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard’s damage will increase by 10% but on the other hand his hit speed will be increased by 0.2 seconds to 1.7 seconds.


The last card that will be affected by this update is the Bats which will be even more powerful after the update. Currently the Bats cards spawns 4 bats and after the update you get another Bat for the same Elixir.

Please remember that balance changes and tweaks in the game, do not affect our Clash Royale hack. If there are updates that will change something in the gem hack tool, we will notify you with a post on our blog.

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