Get a Cannon Cart Magical Chest for 820 Gems

Today, 31/07/2017 there is a special offer in the in-game shop where you can get the new Cannon Cart inside a Magical Chest for 820 Gems. If you were unable to unlock the new card in the 2v2 Draft, simply because you were unlucky to be paired with a bad teammate or your skills were not good enough, this is a chance to get the card.There is at least one Cannon Cart card inside every Magical Chest and you can buy up to 6 of them.

Unfortunately, getting the special offer requires spending your hard earned gems and if you do not have them, you will need to either pass on the offer or buy some gems. This are the ways to go if you are a nice, uneducated player and you do not know that there is a way to get the gems for free.

820 Gems is not much but, if you want the card and you do not have the gems, you can always use our Clash Royale hack to get up to 240.000 free gems. As always there is a catch and this time the catch is that you can not use the hack if you have used it before. Yes, there is a one time per account limit in place to keep your account safe and despite all the requests we get to remove the limit, we do not think that it will be fair to the game and / or the other players.

If you have not used our hack tool before to get free gems, or you have changed your account or you are using another account (I know people with up to 10 accounts, where do the find the time…) you can get your free gems and use them to buy the special Magical Chest or exchange the gems for gold. Once you get your gems do whatever you want with them.

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July 31st, 2017

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