Exclusive Sneak Peek at the New Clash Royale March Updates

This month is going to bring huge changes in the game with bunch of news and updates and for all of you inpatient and curious Clash Royale fans we will go in full detail thru all of the 4 changes / updates announced by Supercell. So if you want to be ahead of everyone else and be fully prepared when the updates arrive, just keep on reading, because we give exclusive sneak peek and preview of what’s to come next in your favorite game.

4 brand new cards

One of the updates scheduled for this month is the incorporation of 4 new Cards in the game: Bandit, Heal, Night Witch and Bats. For now, the exact date of releasing is known only for the Bandit – March 24. The other three cards will follow eventually, but the exact date is not announced yet. Also on March 17 there will be a Bandit Draft Challenge.

Heal is rare, Bats are common and Bandit and Night Witch are legendary cards. All this new cards are pretty cool and hold a valuable spot in the game which remains to be seen yet. For now, let’s do a little sneak peek at them. You may have heard this, but originally instead of the Bandit there was supposed to be another card – the Ghost, but the developers decided to kill it and replace it with the Bandit instead. She will be unlocked at Arena 9 at 3 Elixir cost and has a rush attack where she is invincible while speeding towards her given target. The Night Witch is also one lethal lady that essentially summons Bats and it is unlocked in Arena 8 at 4 Elixir cost. The Heal Spell is something that developers tinkled for quite some time now, were at first they decided not to add it, but they have changed their mind and now it will be added in the game for sure. The Heal is unlocked at Arena 10. It has an area effect that it is kind of like Poison, it heals over time, not all at once and we are going to have to wait to see how this goes in to an actual match, how it looks in a match to really get a glimpse of how effective it is. Bats are going to be unlocked in Arena 9 at 3 Elixir cost.

The new Bandit Draft Challenge were mixing up the new card the Electro Wizard Challenge in to a Bandit Challenge and mix it with the Draft Challenge as well, so it might be a lot to take in at first. Basically, picture the Electro Wizard Challenge were you get the Legendary Card if you get 12 wins, but then picture the Draft Challenge were only one player gets the Bandit Card, so it is random who gets to get the Bandit. Also there will be bonus rewards once you get to a certain amount of wins which ca be helpful for players who don’t necessarily get 12 wins every time. You will be able to get a variety of different prizes like 100 Gems, a Magical Chest and even 25K Gold.

The 2 vs 2 Clan Battles

Pick a partner from your clan and engage in battle with two other players from another clan. In this new mode which will be available every second weekend, you can really get creative with your decks and you can actually experiment with things that normally wouldn’t work by themselves, but when you have a team-mate you can kind of figure out what synergies together for getting the best outcome possible. And since we didn’t want to make this post too long, you can find out more about the new 2 vs 2 Clan Battle here.

New Legendary Arena

This Arena will be unlocked at 3,800 Trophies. The old Legendary Arena was renamed to Hog Mountain it still looks the same and is now Arena 10. And don’t worry you will still have the Legendary Cards available in your shop. So, basically now there are 11 Arenas.

The new Legendary Arena looks interesting on the outside view with a lot going on in terms of art and graphics. It certainly has more royal appear with the red carpeting and feels a bit mystic with futuristic appeal as well – if that makes any sense. We still have the statues up at the top we have water stills which gives a cool feel to it in my opinion.

9 New Leagues

There will be 9 new Leagues in Clash Royale. In order to enter the first League, you will have to have 4000+ Trophies. So after the Legendary Arena there is a new League System that comes in to the game which in our opinion is really awesome, high end format and a new twist to the game with escalating rewards the higher that you go. The 9 Leagues are divided in 3 tiers: Challenger, Master and Champion. Thru each tier you get these cool avatars next to your name depending on which tier and what League you are in.

The first tier is the Challenger one: Challenger 1 – 4,000 Trophies, Challenger 2 – 4,300 Trophies and Challenger 3 – 4,600 Trophies. Their season reset numbers are 4,000 which based on the standings at the end of the season. Each season will now last one month, starting every first Monday of each new month. The next tier starts at 4,900. So at the end of the season if you are at let’s say 4,800 Trophies, you are going to be reset to 4,000 at the beginning of the tier. The rewards in this tear are escalating a little bit different than the previous season except for the donations. The Gold goes a little bit higher. The Chests are still the same contents all the way up until the top tier. So the Battle Reward Chest isn’t going to be changing, however the season reward Chest is going to get bigger and bigger as you go on higher. The season reward Chests are given to you at the end of the season based on where you have finished in the given season. Here you get to choose the cards that you want out of every season reward chest. For example, the Challenger 1Chest contains 10 Epic and 50 Rare Cards that you can choose from. And they only go higher and bigger with each tier as you progress.

As we’ve said the next tier in the Leagues System starts at 4,900 Trophies and that’s the Master tier: Master 1 – 4,900 Trophies, Master 2 – 5,200 Trophies and Master 3 – 5,500 Trophies. The Master reset is 4,300 so it is a bit different and slightly unfair but it is what it is. So if you end up with 5,200 Trophies at the end of the season you are going to collect your chest with 301 Cards and you are going to be reset down to 4,300 Trophies. This means that you will be starting at Challenger 2.

After Master next comes the Champion reset or tier: Champion – 5,800 Trophies, Grand Champion – 6,100 Trophies and Ultimate Champion – 6,400 Trophies. The Champion reset is 4,600 Trophies. And for example if at the end of the season you have 6,100 Trophies you will be reset in Challenger 3, after you collect your reward Chest of course.

So that it is it for today’s post guys we hope you found this article helpful and you will be more familiar and better prepared when the update finally sees the light of the day.

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March 21st, 2017

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