The Best Bandit Deck in Clash Royale

Finally the long awaited new card has seen the light of the day. It was released early on today and is now available for all players, instead of only for selected few or the winners of Draft Challenges. Being one of the lucky few selected ones which had the opportunity to try the Bandit before it was released, I will share with you guys the best Bandit deck.

Bandit Miner Cycle Deck

This 2.9 Elixir Deck is going to be perfect for those of you who have a lot of Legendary cards and for those of you who prefer fast moving decks. If you don’t have the Electro Wizard you can replace it with the Musketeer and if you don’t have Log you can substitute it with Zap either way you will be fine. As you can see the crucial cards here are the Miner and the Bandit and you can’t replace them, because it is a Miner-Bandit Deck after all.

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First let’s see what the overall tempo of this deck is. It is a cycle deck and the number one thing to remember here is to apply pressure throughout the entire match. This means during single Elixir time as well as during double Elixir time because you are the aggressor with this deck. So keep that in mind because the whole idea behind this deck and the reason why it is called control deck is because you are going to control not just what your opponent does or how he reacts, but also the tempo of the entire match. Here you want your opponents to walk out of the match feeling like they never even got to do what they have wanted to do. You want them to feel confused like – “what just happened here?”  I’m sure you have all been there at some point walking out of a certain match. This is exactly what you are going to be doing with this deck.

Regarding cards here, offensively the MinerPoison is going to be your big weapon obviously, but you have a few other weapons too and that is why we have the Bandit. The Miner-Poison is not a new combination as it has been around for quite a while now. However, now that Poison keeps receiving buffs its back inside the Meta Miner-Poison Combo. It is very important to get value out of that Poison, don’t send that Miner-Poison just like that, make sure you are getting value out of it, because you are using 7 Elixir with this combo which is pretty big investment, thus you need to make sure especially in the first part of the match that you are getting enough value out of that Poison. This means you need to do at least 3 Elixir damage, so if your opponent has structure like a Furnace for example, that’s pretty good, or if they have an Elixir Pump even better , if they try to stop your Miner with a Skeleton Army that would be a great value, the same goes for Minions as well. You don’t want to send the Miner-Poison just for the sake of it – for the extra damage. It’s just not how this deck works.

As for the Bandit, you have two options or main combinations that you can use basically with all three decks that I’m sharing with you guys. Here is the Miner-Poison-Bandit which is going to be very viable during double Elixir time because this is another big investment in terms of Elixir and instead of 7 you are going all the way up to 10 Elixir: Miner 3, Bandit 3 and Poison 4 Elixir cost. Thus if you decide to go with this combo, you have to make sure to get enough value and you are not leaving yourself to susceptible to be punished in the other lane by your opponent. But, this is the most lethal push that you can come up with in this deck besides using the Electro Wizard on defense and then counter push again with the Electro Wizard which is also another viable form of offense in this deck.

The other way that you can use the Bandit is to put her and an Ice Spirit on the opposite lane if you want to, or, you can put this combo on the lane that you are attacking – the Tower that you are attacking. This will force your opponent to react or in other words to answer your attack. And let’s face it, the Bandit can’t be stopped with a Log, so even if your opponent decides to use a Log for example to kill the Ice Spirit, your Bandit is still going to make contact with that Tower. If they use Skeletons to try and counter the Bandit on the cheap, the Ice Spirit is going to take it out. So, you get the point here right? If they don’t respond to that 4 Elixir investment would be Bandit and Ice Spirit you’re going to catch them in a really bad spot. Therefore that’s a really good way to use the Bandit as well. Because the Bandit is well balanced card and requires answer and reaction, she is not overpowered but powerful enough – the perfect card for only 3 Elixir. Also she is great behind tanks, to apply pressure on the opposite lane and just great to make your opponent to react if you are fan of fast and exciting matches. All in all he is a great value card in my opinion.

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March 24th, 2017

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