2v2 Cannon Cart Draft Challenge + New Card Release

Starting on July 28th, the final event in the Summer of 2v2 series stars titled 2v2 Cannon Cart Draft Challenge. In this Draft Challenge the new Canon Cart is released so those of you who will enter the challenge and get at least 8 wins will unlock this card earlier than most. We will be updating our deck builder soon to include this new card.

The Canon Cart

The new Canon Cart card is an Epic troop card available from Hog Mountain and above.The Canon Cart moves fast and targets ground troops with an average hit speed of 1.2 seconds. It has a shield equal to its hitpoints so once the shield is destroyed it becomes a stationary canon. More information on the Canon Cart can be found in the SmartCheats Wiki.

The release of the Canon Cart follows the release of the Bats card.

2v2 Cannon Cart Draft Challenge

So, how did you do in the 2v2 Cannon Cart Draft Challenge, did you unlock the new Cannon Cart, or you had the bad luck of being paired with some not so great teammates that ruined you chance. Unfortunately this was my case and all the players that I got paired with were well… I would restrain from calling them names. Who releases a Golem, when you see a Minion Horde coming your way. Get your freaking Wizard and deal with them.

Honestly, I would not like to see any more important events like this one being set in 2v2, even when Drafts make things harder, being paired with someone that has no idea what he is doing is simply unbearable.

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July 31st, 2017

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