Everything you need to know about Clash Royale arenas and cards

We know that there are many sites that feature this information, but we have compiled a one page, all you need to know about the different arenas in Clash Royale and all the cards that are unlocked at each one of them.

Training Camp

Training Camp

Min Trophies: 0   Gold on victory: 0

In the Training Camp, you can donate up to 0 common cards and 0 rare and request up to 0 common cards or 0 rare.

Cards unlocked at Training Camp



Arrows pepper a large area, damaging everyone hit. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.



Small, lightly protected skeleton that throws bombs. Deals area damage that can wipe out a swarm of enemies.



A pair of unarmored ranged attackers. They'll help you with ground and air unit attacks, but you're on your own with coloring your hair.



A tough melee fighter. The Barbarian's handsome, cultured cousin. Rumor has it that he was knighted based on the sheer awesomeness of his mustache alone.



Annnnnd... Fireball. Incinerates a small area, dealing high damage. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

Mini P.E.K.K.A.4TroopRare

Mini P.E.K.K.A.

The arena is a certified butterfly-free zone. No distractions for P.E.K.K.A., only destruction.



Don't be fooled by her delicately coiffed hair, the Musketeer is a mean shot with her trusty boomstick.



Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. A real one-man wrecking crew!



Don't let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Deals double damage once he gets charging.

Baby Dragon4TroopEpic

Baby Dragon

Flying troop that deals area damage. Baby dragons hatch cute, hungry and ready for barbeque.

Skeleton Army4TroopEpic

Skeleton Army

Summons an army of skeletons. Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Gerry, Terry, Mary, etc.



Summons skeletons, shoots destructo beams, has glowing pink eyes that unfortunately don't shoot lasers.

Goblin Stadium

Goblin Stadium

Min Trophies: 0   Gold on victory: 5

In the Goblin Stadium, you can donate up to 1 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 10 common cards or 1 rare.

Cards unlocked at Goblin Stadium

Spear Goblins2TroopCommon

Spear Goblins

Three unarmored ranged attackers. Who the heck taught these guys to throw spears!?! Whot thought that was a good idea?!



Three fast, unarmored melee attackers. Small, fast, green and mean!

Goblin Hut5BuildingRare

Goblin Hut

Building that spawns Spear Goblins. But don't look inside. You don't want to see how they are made.



Tough melee fighter, deals area damage around her. Swarm or horde, no problem! She can take them all out with a few spins.



Bolts of lightning hit up to three enemy troops or buildings with the most hitpoints in the target area. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

Goblin Barrel4SpellEpic

Goblin Barrel

Spawns three Goblins anywhere in the Arena. It's going to be a thrilling ride, boys!

Bone Pit

Bone Pit

Min Trophies: 400   Gold on victory: 7

In the Bone Pit, you can donate up to 2 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 10 common cards or 1 rare.

Cards unlocked at Bone Pit



Three fast, very weak melee fighters. Swarm your enemies with this pile of bones!



Three fast, unarmored flying attackers. Roses are red, minions are blue, they can fly, and will crush you!



Troop building that periodically deploys Skeletons to fight the enemy. When destroyed, spawns 4 Skeletons. Creepy!

Bomb Tower5BuildingRare

Bomb Tower

Defensive building that houses a Bomber. Deals area damage to anything dumb enough to stand near it.

Giant Skeleton6TroopEpic

Giant Skeleton

The bigger the skeleton, the bigger the bomb. Carries a bomb that blows up when the Giant Skeleton dies.



As pretty as they are, you won't want a parade of THESE balloons showing up on the horizon. Drops powerful bombs and when shot down, crashes dealing area damage.

Barbarian Bowl

Barbarian Bowl

Min Trophies: 800   Gold on victory: 9

In the Barbarian Bowl, you can donate up to 2 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 10 common cards or 1 rare.

Cards unlocked at Barbarian Bowl



Defensive building. Shoots cannonballs with deadly effect, but cannot target flying troops.



A horde of melee attackers with mean mustaches and even meaner tempers.



Deals high damage to a small area. Looks really awesome doing it. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

Barbarian Hut7BuildingRare

Barbarian Hut

Troop building that periodically deploys Barbarians to fight the enemy. Time to make the Barbarians.



Increases troop movement and attack speed. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troops faster. Chaaaarge!



Nice tower you got there. Would be a shame if this X-BOW whittled it down from his side of the arena...

P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse

P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse

Min Trophies: 1100   Gold on victory: 11

In the P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse, you can donate up to 4 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 20 common cards or 2 rare.

Cards unlocked at P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse



Defensive building. Whenever it's not zapping the enemy, the power of Electrickery is best kept grounded.

Minion Horde5TroopCommon

Minion Horde

Six fast, unarmored flying attackers. Three's a croud, six is a horde!

Inferno Tower5BuildingRare

Inferno Tower

Defensive building, roasts targets for damage that increases over time. Burns through even the biggest and toughest enemies!

Hog Rider4TroopRare

Hog Rider

Fast melee troop that targets buildings and can jump over the river. He followed the echoing call of "Hog Riderrrrr" all the way through the arena doors.



Freezes troops and buildings, making them unable to move or attack. Everybody chill.



A heavily armored, slow melee fighter. Swings from the hip but packs a huge punch.

Lava Hound7TroopLegendary

Lava Hound

The Lava Hound is a majestic flying beast that attacks buildings. The Lava Pups are less majestic angry babies that attack anything.

Inferno Dragon4TroopLegendary

Inferno Dragon

Shoots a focused beam of fire that increases in damage over time. Wears a helmet because flying can be dangerous.

Spell Valley

Spell Valley

Min Trophies: 1400   Gold on victory: 12

In the Spell Valley, you can donate up to 4 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 20 common cards or 2 rare.

Cards unlocked at Spell Valley



Zaps enemies, briefly stunning them and dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

Fire Spirits2TroopCommon

Fire Spirits

These three Fire Spirits are on a kamikaze mission to give you a warm hug. It'd be adorable if they weren't on fire.



The Furnace spawns two Fire Spirits at a time. It also makes great brick-oven pancakes.



The most awesome man to ever set foot in the arena, the Wizard will blow you away with his handsomeness... and/or fireballs.



Covers the area in a sticky toxin, damaging and slowing down enemy troops and buildings. Yet somehow leaves the grass green and healthy. Go figure!



Mirrors your last card played for +1 Elixir

Ice Wizard3TroopLegendary

Ice Wizard

This chill caster throews Ice Shards that slow down enemies' movement and attack speed. Despite being freezing cold, he has a handlebar mustache that's too hot for TV.



Unearths a gang of Skeletons anywhere in the Arena. Spooky!

Builder's Workshop

Builder's Workshop

Min Trophies: 1700   Gold on victory: 14

In the Builder's Workshop, you can donate up to 4 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 20 common cards or 2 rare.

Cards unlocked at Builder's Workshop



Defensive building with a long range. Shoots exploding shells that deal area damage. Cannot shoot at targets that are very close!

Elixir Collector5BuildingRare

Elixir Collector

You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir.



Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. When destroyed, explosively splits into two Golemites and deals area damage!



Sparky has a heavy-handed approach to life: Obliterate everything on sight.



The Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It's not magic, it's a shovel.

The Log2SpellLegendary

The Log

A spilt bottle of Rage turned an innocent tree trunk into "The Log". Now it seeks revenge by crushing anything in its path!

Royal Arena

Royal Arena

Min Trophies: 2000   Gold on victory: 15

In the Royal Arena, you can donate up to 6 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 30 common cards or 3 rare.

Cards unlocked at Royal Arena

Royal Giant6TroopCommon

Royal Giant

Destroying enemy buildings with his massive cannon is his job; making a raggedy blond beard look good is his passion.

Three Musketeers9TroopRare

Three Musketeers

Trio of powerful, independent markswomen, fighting for justice and honor. Disrespecting them would not be just a mistake, it would be a cardinal sin!

Dark Prince4TroopEpic

Dark Prince

The Dark Prince deals area damage and lets his spiked club do the talking for him - because when he does talk, it sounds like he has a bucket on his head.



Three ruthless bone brothers with shields. Knock off their shields and all that's left are three ruthless bone brothers.



This stunning Princess shoots flaming arrows from long range. If you're feeling warm feelings towards her, it's probably because you're on fire.

Mega Minion3TroopRare

Mega Minion

Flying, armored and powerful. What could be its weakness?! Cupcakes.

Frozen Peak

Frozen Peak

Min Trophies: 2300   Gold on victory: 16

In the Frozen Peak, you can donate up to 6 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 30 common cards or 3 rare.

Cards unlocked at Frozen Peak

Ice Spirit1TroopCommon

Ice Spirit

Spawns one lively little Ice Spirit to freeze a group of enemies. Stay frosty.



This big blue dude digs the simple things in life - Dark Elixir drinks and throwing rocks. His massive boulders bounce off their target, landing behind for a double strike!



He chops trees by day and hunts The Log by night. His bottle of Rage spills everywhere when he dies.

Legendary Arena

Legendary Arena

Min Trophies: 3000   Gold on victory: 20

In the Legendary Arena, you can donate up to 8 common cards and 1 rare and request up to 40 common cards or 4 rare.

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